Women in UK parliaments

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Women in UK parliamentsThis handbook by Catriona Burness on women and parliaments in the UK is exactly the kind of background information we need to assess where we are and what needs to be done. It will be of interest to academics, teachers and students but we also want to make it available to political activists without whom we would not have arrived where we are today and a new generation of equal rights campaigners whose energies are still needed to push the case for maintaining and improving women’s position in the future.

All of the women elected to Westminster and the devolved parliaments and assemblies are clearly listed here along with a series of introductory essays that place women’s representation in the context of wider political movements.

Making representative democracy truly representative is an important campaign in its own right but the positive affects that scrutiny of budgets, policy and legislation from a women’s perspective, has on social welfare and poverty questions is of great significance to the wider community.

Women in UK Parliaments download here [787kB]

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