Supporting stronger local government in Malawi

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The elected councillors of Thyolo District Council with their transparency promise
Blantyre April 2018

The Active Learning Centre (Scotland) and the Women’s Legal Resources Centre (Malawi) have secured funding from the Royal Norwegian Embassy for a 3-year project: Capacity Building and Strengthening Transparency in Local Government. It aims to:

  • strengthen elected councillors’ capacity to scrutinise and track budget spend and performance and strengthen elected councillors’ confidence to address financial irregularities
  • develop a culture of co-operative oversight and promote the achievements of elected councillors by involving councillors, chiefs, community leaders and citizens in a straightforward citixen engagement process
  • to increase the understanding among community leaders, citizens and other key stakeholders on the relationship between central and local government
  • disseminate the work of elected councillors and local government through a comprehensive media and communications strategy, including social, print and broadcast

The project has distinct but inter-linked elements:

  • A programme of regional roundtables, bringing elected councillors together in a non-partisan safe space, for peer support and sharply focused modules on anti-corruption, scrutiny and budget tracking. These will include input from the National Audit Office, the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the police.
  • A programme of citizen engagement, led by elected councillors, to showcase the work of local councils, and to foster a culture of consultation and transparency. The focus of this will be the local delivery of the District Development Funds.
  • A political mentoring programme for the 2019 intake of elected councillors.
  • A training programme for WOLREC’s core team of trainers, to build a local team of experts in active learning for adults, gender and politics and to strengthen the capacity of WOLREC.

It will run from January 2018 to December 2020, with a mid-term review in the second half of 2019 and will involve councillors from 10 districts and one city.

A briefing note is available here.

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